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“When I was asked to write a testimonial about Patrick’s services I thought very hard about what I should write, what could I possibly say about a man who changed my life and my daughter’s life for the better, what could I possibly say that hundreds of his other clients haven’t already said, what could I possibly say that would make a difference in someone else’s life; it’s real simple, the best way for me to pay it forward is by telling you my thoughts, plain and simple: this man is honest, he knows the system better than anyone else, he has the right contacts, makes things happen, obtains results and most importantly he’s a good person that will always be there for you and your loved ones.”

Peter J., Fort Myers, FL

“A client of mine mentioned your services, I was skeptical at first having never before utilized a prison consultant in over 30 years of practicing law. After reading your book and discussing your services, I immediately recognized the value added to our defense efforts.”

Sean P. Devereux Esq., Devereux & Banzhoff, PLLC., Asheville, North Carolina

“Your book is a must read for every federal defendant as well for the attorney entrusted with their defense. The most sincere compliment is to tell you that I intend to give a copy of your book to everyone of my clients and will recommend your valuable services to them and to my peers.”

Howard E. Greenberg Esq., Smithtown, New York

“I was initially introduced to Patrick at a time when I had much confusion given the fact that I had been criminally indicted, gone to trial and now was awaiting sentencing. I now had the opportunity to deal with things I knew nothing about, with no experience, yet was going to be forced to make decisions without having any background or experience to formulate that decision.

Upon my first conversation with Patrick I could immediately tell that this was a person that appeared to care about me more than I would have ever anticipated. He was extremely gracious and patient and explained his past unfortunate personal experience that gave him the proper credentials to have gone through what I was in the process of going through.

I was hugely impressed that he took the time to properly explain the process I was going through and it meant very much to me, as I found, that Patrick has devoted his life to helping people that were or are in the same unfortunate situation that I was in.

I firmly believe that Patrick cares so deeply about his clients that in many, many cases he develops life-long relationships with them and is there and available to help well beyond the immediacy of each and every legal situation of the clients he deals with.

I do not hesitate to unequivocally recommend Patrick because I believe he is the best in the country at the services and care that he provides.”

Jim P., Sheboygan, WI

You are the light in an otherwise dark tunnel. When my wife and I were indicted we thought it was the end, we were in an irrational state of mind and only could contemplate the worst. You talked us off a cliff, provided us with a plan and helped us see that we could still have a good life after we overcame this challenge. And, what a challenge it was. You were instrumental in helping our attorney during plea negotiations, helping my wife avoid incarceration all together and seeing to it that I received a tolerable sentence. The program that you positioned me for changed the way I look at the world forever and helped to significantly reduce my time served. I will never forget you and the lessons you taught me.

Gerry K., Phoenix, AZ

You never truly understand how valuable your time is until you have your liberty taken away from you. The older I get the more valuable I realize my time is. There is no price that I can put on the time you have given back to me with my family, let alone the piece of mind and support you provided us during my period of incarceration. I can never thank you enough, you were there to support my family and I from the very beginning until the end and you are even still with us till this day. I will always count you among my closest friends and confidants till the day I leave this earth. I thank God for the day I found you and your website!

Gary W., Chicago, IL,

What drew me to your services was the fact that you had been there yourself. What made me retain your services was your honesty. You kept me realistic, prepared me for what to expect every step of the way and provided me with an option that I was able to live with. Looking back on it, I avoided a potentially life-altering situation; hiring you was the best move I ever made in an otherwise impossible and unbearable situation. If I could speak to your prospective clients I would tell them “don’t think twice; you will never regret your decision to hire this man!”

Don A., Springfield, MA

I can never repay you for the peace of mind you provided me with in my darkest hours…

Benjamin W., Miami, Florida,

My 64-year old mother was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 48 months in a federal prison. She surrendered on August 1, 2013. She was a CEO for many years and very well known in our community. She has a loving husband, four children and four grandchildren. Needless to say it was devastating for all of us.

My aunt paid for a very well known attorney so my mother would be represented in the best way possible. She spent $200,000+ during the eighteen months that led up to the sentencing hearing. About six weeks prior to her sentencing hearing my mother found Federal Prison Alternatives on the Internet and contacted Patrick Boyce. Patrick spent hours on the phone with her explaining how the prison system worked and the value of preparation for incarceration, proper facility designation and the RDAP program.

This was invaluable information for someone who is facing prison time. His knowledge was also a great benefit for our entire family preparing us and walking us patiently through every little detail. Patrick truly understands the ups and downs that a family goes through while watching their loved one move through the legal system. We had so many questions and it did not matter to Patrick when we asked the same questions over and over again. Through Patrick, my mother was able to educate her attorney about the RDAP program and she received the Judge’s recommendation for both the RDAP program and designation to the recommended facility at her sentencing hearing!

My mother is scheduled to start the RDAP program on November 8, 2013. She went from a 48-month sentence to serving at most an 18-month sentence. Every day counts when you are in prison and to get her time reduced so dramatically is simply amazing. But it’s not just about the time. She is lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the RDAP program, which is something she has needed for many years. We can’t thank you enough Patrick! There are no words…

Alison I. & Family, South Florida

We were at our lowest point in our lives when my husband was indicted…then, we spoke to you and everything changed. Your guidance, support, and knowledge made all the difference. your book, advice and personal experience armed us with the tools we needed to get my kids’ Daddy back home where he belonged, in the shortest period of time possible. God Bless you and everything that you do…

Lisa M., Dallas, Texas

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