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Difficult Questions

Ask yourself – who is better equipped to answer the difficult questions you now find yourself faced with, than someone who has actually experienced what you are about to go through?

Patrick J. Boyce Federal Mitigation Specialist and NCIA provide our clients with a unique professional full-service sentencing, post-conviction, prison preparation / designation and consulting firm – representing exclusively federal criminal defendants and inmates throughout the United States. Clients are offered an extensive suite of services to effectively manage the intimidating federal criminal process, tailoring consultations to fit individual needs.

In the interests of our clients we strategically position ourselves in a supportive role to counsel, strictly adhering to current defense strategy and providing expertise in specialized areas. Each client works one-on-one with Patrick and our mitigation team to develop comprehensive strategies that help to achieve the lowest possible sentence.

First and foremost, in concert with counsel we do everything in our power to prevent our clients from ever seeing the inside of a federal prison. However, in those cases where a prison term cannot be avoided, we make sure that our clients serve their sentence at the best facility given their individual needs, while at the same time providing the greatest opportunity for early release.

Clients are provided with accurate, up-to-date, real world information regarding the entire judicial process including federal incarceration (from a defendant’s point of view). Patrick counts his greatest attribute as having personally experienced every aspect of the federal criminal justice system – from indictment, trial and sentencing through incarceration, supervised release, and the rebuilding of life after a period of incarceration.

The RDAP offers eligible inmates up to a 12-month sentence reduction, in addition to spending the last 6 months of custody in community custody. Graduates effectively mitigate their “gross” sentence by 18 months!

For example, a graduate of the Bureau’s 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program (originally sentenced to 37 months incarceration) would become eligible for transfer to community custody in approximately 13.5 months!

Obviously, the entire federal inmate population aggressively pursues entrance into this program. Unfortunately, not every inmate is eligible and there are only a limited number of classes available at select facilities. Members of the Bureau of Prison’s psychology department demonstrate a need for the program and determine eligibility by carefully scrutinizing documentation and entrance criteria.

We properly document all pre-requisite eligibility and ensure that clients establish a solid foundation of current Bureau of Prison policies and procedure to aid in a seamless transition through federal prison in the minimum required time.

Experience is the Greatest Teacher!

Patrick was indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with “conspiracy to commit securities, mail and wire fraud”. After taking his case to trial – he was found guilty on three counts of each offense, while acquitted of another. As a result of the guilty verdict – the Honorable Robert P. Patterson, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York sentenced him to a period of twenty-seven (27) months.

Patrick “self-surrendered” to the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Morgantown, West Virginia. Upon arrival, he successfully gained admission to and completed the Bureau of Prison’s “500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program” (RDAP) and was transferred to the Brooklyn Community Corrections Center (halfway house) to complete his reduced commitment.

Prior to his incarceration – Patrick owned a successful investment firm in the New York area. He is a graduate of the State University of New York and shares his insight, knowledge and experience as a professional prison consultant and author of Indicted – A Defendant’s Guide through the Federal Criminal Justice System. Patrick now makes his home in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and three children working tirelessly in the interests.

Patrick learned things the hard way – you don’t have to!

As a result of his experiences, Patrick decided to dedicate his life’s work as an advocate for those defendants and families faced with the possibility of federal incarceration. Each client works directly with Patrick who has a stellar reputation and is a nationally recognized expert in the industry; developing a customized program to suit his or her individual needs. Utilize his experience to your advantage and learn how to successfully navigate the complex federal criminal justice system.

Patrick Boyce Federal Mitigation Specialist at NCIA is an expert in the field of prison consulting and a 2003 graduate of the RDAP program. Successful RDAP eligibility, admissions and support maximizes ones chances of a sentence reduction and early release. Timing is critical with the ever changing and complex requirements surrounding what documentation is deemed acceptable for RDAP admission, it is extremely important to contact us as early in the process as possible. For a free no-obligation case analysis contact Patrick now!

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