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RDAP – Example “White Collar” Treatment Plan

Diagnostic Impressions:

Axis I: Alcohol Dependence; Cocaine Dependence
Axis II: None

Treatment Plan:

Problem: Lack of Humility

Goal: To become more humble in my daily life activities in order to reduce arrogance. Start immediately.

Treatment activity 1: I will complete and turn in 2 pages per week on how I demonstrated humility or lack of humility during the week. First assignment is due on 07-25.

Treatment activity 2: Attend a minimum of one self-help meeting per week and seek information regarding humility and its importance to recovery. Start immediately.

Treatment activity 3: Read the aa big book sections on humility and write a five-page paper on what I learned about myself. Paper is due 8-26.


Problem: Fraudulent

Goal: Address fraudulent behavior, analyze it, apply it presently, and learn how it relates to my relapse process or sobriety retention (minimize, play to my advantage, manipulate situations for self-serving motives, greedy, wishy-washy, superficial, on own agenda).

Treatment activity 1: Outline “rule violations” I have utilized as part of my daily business practice. Due 9-1.

Treatment activity 2: Identify errors in thinking used throughout the
Rules violation outline.

Treatment activity 3: Using recovery resources, address my fraudulence, specifically, how it was, is, and will be in my growth/recovery.


Problem: Sentimentality

Goal: Elimination of sentimentality and taking responsibility for your poor behavior.

Treatment activity 1: You will identify and discuss in-group all areas in which you used sentimentality to build up your opinion of yourself as a good person and father.

Treatment activity 2: Journal a minimum of three days per week on use of sentimentality in your own life.

Treatment activity 3: You with the help of the group will identify how you used this frame of thinking to justify and carry out your criminal behavior and how it prevents change.

Treatment activity 4: You will complete and discuss in-group an honest and thorough review of your behavior.

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