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Withdrawal from Treatment


The drug program is voluntary. You have the right to refuse treatment at any time. However, no one will be removed from treatment without first discussing the matter with the drug treatment staff. If, after having talked with staff, you believe that you are no longer interested in the program, for whatever reason, you will be removed from the treatment program. Staff reserves the right to transfer you to any housing unit or correctional facility within established bureau policy guidelines with loss of seniority. An inmate who voluntarily withdraws from treatment has the right to reapply for treatment at a later date. Any inmate who is reinstated must participate in the entire program, regardless of the stage at which he voluntarily withdrew.



Inmates can be restarted into the program upon the treatment teams request. Inmates who are removed from treatment for disciplinary reasons will be transferred to a different housing unit or institution according to established bureau policy guidelines. The fact that an inmate has been removed from treatment will be communicated to the inmate’s new unit team. Inmates who wish to be reconsidered for reinstatement in the program must demonstrate clear conduct for a period of six months following removal from treatment. Any inmate who is accepted back into treatment must participate in the entire treatment program, regardless of the stage at which he was expelled.


The following are behaviors, which will result in an immediate expulsion from the program:

  • Sexual contact with another individual
  • Physical violence or threat of physical violence
  • Drug possession/possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug use

The following is a list of behaviors, but not limited to, which can impede treatment, and, therefore, will not be tolerated by treatment staff. One occurrence of these behaviors may result in removal from treatment. Your unwillingness to change, as demonstrated by repeated reoccurrences of these behaviors, will result in your expulsion from the program. One occurrence of these behaviors may result in your being given a warning. Any further occurrence may result in your being expelled from the program.

  • Dishonesty
  • Side conversations in-group
  • Sleeping in group/general inattentiveness in group
  • Unexcused absences from program activities
  • Unexcused tardiness to program activities
  • Disrespectful behavior toward staff
  • Failure to maintain proper room and unit sanitation
  • Repeated incident reports for any violation
  • Possession of pro-drug use reading material
  • Unauthorized materials (contraband)
  • Unsatisfactory progress through the program
  • Failure to work on and accomplish program goals

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