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Program requirements

When you sign up to participate in RDAP, you are committing yourself to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. It becomes obvious that true recovery is a 24-hour a day process. Three themes should become an integral part of your new, developing lifestyle:

  1. Self-responsibility
  2. Motivation and
  3. Recovery.

Inmates are expected to engage in all aspects of treatment. To hold each other accountable for behaviors that are unacceptable to the community and are inconsistent with recovery. To look for others support and guidance, and to be public in their efforts at recovery. The following are sample behaviors viewed as important for progress in treatment and recovery:

  • Accept and accomplish goals as determined by the treatment staff. Complete all treatment work thoroughly and on time. Workbooks, writing assignments and learning experiences.
  • Participate and be genuinely motivated to change. Be on time and prepared for group. Show seriousness and willingness to work the program. As an example, sit straight and at attention with positive body language at all times. Engage in treatment by participating in all group activities. Show sincerity and honesty and expose yourself during group.
  • Respect yourself and others. Exhibit pro-social behavior and hold others accountable for bad behavior. Demonstrate having a good attitude. Caring for others, by supporting fellow participants in all group discussions. Do not be vindictive to other inmates.
  • Follow all rules in-group at all times and hold yourself accountable if a rule is broken. Honesty is the foundation of the program.
  • Always show pro-social behavior. Especially during telephone calls and emails, which are monitored and recorded. Be careful who you confide in and always exhibit pro-social behavior in your conduct and conversations with them.
  • Show humility. Everyone in-group is considered “equal” and you must humble yourself. That means that no one cares how big or grandiose your white-collar crime was. You must try to blend in with the rest of the group. Those who brag about their criminality end up getting themselves in trouble and even kicked out of the program.

Patrick Boyce Founder of RDAP Prison Consultants is an expert in the field prison consulting and a 2003 graduate of the RDAP program. Successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support maximizes ones chances of a sentence reduction and early release. Timing is critical with the ever changing and complex requirements surrounding what documentation is deemed acceptable for RDAP admission.

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