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Financial Incentives

The bureau will provide an opportunity to earn a “quarterly achievement award” in the form of progressively increasing financial awards as participants successfully move through the program phases. The awards will be as follows, based upon achievement and completion, rather than mere attendance:

First quarter Second quarter Third quarter Total
$30 $40 $50 $120

Requirements for earning the quarterly awards will include the following:

  • No unexcused absences from group or individual program activities
  • A minimum of a 95% promptness rate for all scheduled program activities
  • No incident reports for which the unit disciplinary committee (UDC) or the disciplinary hearing officer (DHO) found the individual guilty
  • The inmate has successfully completed all program assignments, including, but not limited to: group work; readings; homework; and established treatment goals.

Patrick Boyce Founder of RDAP Prison Consultants is an expert in the field prison consulting and a 2003 graduate of the RDAP program. Successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support maximizes ones chances of a sentence reduction and early release. Timing is critical with the ever changing and complex requirements surrounding what documentation is deemed acceptable for RDAP admission.

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