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Below is Patrick’s RDAP Program Completion Certificate. This certificate means that he completed “Phase I”, and successfully graduated the most rigorous phase of the RDAP program, the “Institutional Phase”.

Phase I consists of “Group Therapy” sessions that last 3 hours daily, either during the morning or afternoon, 5 days a week and these sessions total 500-hours of therapy lasting approximately 8 months. It is important to understand that in order to earn the sentence reduction and early release benefit of 3621(e), after completing the Institutional Phase inmates must successfully complete the remaining two phases of the RDAP program.

After graduation, if you have not yet been sent to the halfway house, the second phase is considered the follow-up care that you receive. The follow-up care consists of weekly group sessions and assignments while still in the RDAP Unit until you become eligible for transfer to the community.

Community Treatment Services (CTS) is the third and final phase of the program. CTS takes place at the (RRC) Residential Reentry Center (formerly referred to as “halfway house”) and home confinement, and normally lasts six months (with a minimum of four months to meet program requirements). Each Residential Reentry Center runs CTS differently, normally CTS consists of weekly group and/or individual therapy sessions at a treatment provider affiliated with the RRC with other RDAP graduates and may also include weekly assignments.

Upon completion of all three phases of the RDAP Program you have successfully earned the 3621(e) sentence reduction and completed the custodial part of your sentence. Within 72 hours of release you must report to your designated Probation Officer (PO) to begin your Supervised Release period.

Patrick Boyce Federal Mitigation Specialist at NCIA is an expert in the field of prison consulting and a 2003 graduate of the RDAP program. Successful RDAP eligibility, admissions and support maximizes ones chances of a sentence reduction and early release. Timing is critical with the ever changing and complex requirements surrounding what documentation is deemed acceptable for RDAP admission, it is extremely important to contact us as early in the process as possible. For a free no-obligation case analysis contact Patrick now!

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