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If you were a white-collar offender and want to improve your chances for successful completion of the program. It would be prudent to hire a prison consultant who specializes in RDAP preparation. Patrick Boyce, founder of RDAP Prison Consultants. He is an expert in the field of prison consulting. Also a 2003 graduate of the RDAP program you’re about to enter.


RDAP Goal Setting

In order for a goal, to be a good goal, it must meet all of the following requirements:

Specific: The goal specifies just one thing you want to accomplish. It is not general, vague, or confusing. It pinpoints one thing, which you want and intend to pursue.

Time-bound: The time or percentage of time needed to accomplish the goal, specific dates and time frames.

Owned: Specific to your behavior, not others. It specifies the action you will take towards your goal.

Practical: It must be within your power to achieve. You must consider your skills, abilities and limitations.

Constructive: It must be beneficial to you and others. It cannot cause harm to anyone or anything.

Announced: To declare your goal to others that will support your efforts, and hold you accountable for your goals.

Recorded: Written down; so your goal can be checked in the future and tracked for progress.

Format for goal setting:

Problem: I get angry on a daily bases and react in negative ways towards others.

Goal: To learn effective anger management techniques and decrease my angry outburst to one a month by 12-12-2xxx.

Activity 1: Practice rational behavioral therapy learned in class.

Activity 2: Identify the “root” of my anger and complete the cage your rage workbook.

Activity 3: Identify and use “cooling off” techniques.


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