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Are You Facing A Federal Indictment And Incarceration?

Federal prosecution is a nightmare–there is no other word to describe the situation. If you are like most defendants faced with the possibility of federal prison – you are quickly realizing that you have more questions than most defense teams can independently answer.

Defense counsel – rightfully, focus the bulk of their attention on avoiding or reducing a prison sentence – utilizing the law to obtain the best possible plea or trial outcome for their clients. Many well intentioned, but inexperienced attorneys, do their clientele a disservice by attempting to address relevant client concerns about prison, bureau of prison programs and “life on the inside” not realizing that many of the answers to these questions are often outside their scope of expertise.

Since the inception of the federal sentencing guidelines – well known, well informed and well to do federal defendants and their astute defense teams realized the value of adding experienced prison and sentencing consultants to their teams. Though not widely publicized, the pioneers of these early legal battles understood the importance of focusing efforts on legal matters while deferring certain aspects of the defense to trusted consultants. This strategic alliance benefits both counsel and client – freeing up valuable firm assets, time and resources, while at the same time addressing relevant client concerns.

Until recently prized consultants were a tightly held secret, reserved only for the elite. However, like any treasured commodity eventually news spreads of its value and many can benefit from its application. Over the past few years, many less publicized defendants joined high-profile names and took advantage of the services and insights provided by professional consultants to mitigate their sentencing exposure and ease their possible transition from professional life to prison life.

How many times have you said: “If I only knew then, what I know now?”

Defendants and their families immediately become overwhelmed by difficult questions about incarceration and time away from one another. The best prison consultants dispel many myths popularized by modern media – providing clients and their loved ones with accurate information, peace of mind and a firm understanding of what to expect next. An informed and rational client can aid their own defense dramatically – crucial decisions need to be made forthwith in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to lengthy sentences. The right consultant will thoroughly prepare you for each stage of the indictment process before its opportunities pass you by.

Stop reacting and start controlling your future!

Too often it is the fear of the unknown which paralyzes many defendants, the fear of going to prison, the fear of making the wrong-decision. Like most defendants caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, you are not sure what to do. So, rather than make a careless decision – you stall – in an effort to gather pertinent facts. Unfortunately, most defendants find themselves so overwhelmed that they cannot obtain the appropriate information – in a timely manner – to make informed decisions.

Delays and/or ill-advised choices at any point during the judicial process can mean the difference in years of your life. Given historical data, case probability and federal sentencing statistics – defendants must always prepare for a “worst-case scenario”. If convicted of a federal crime, you will most likely spend time in prison – serving a lengthy sentence that will deeply affect you and your family’s future.

You need to prepare a contingency plan!

There exists a small window of opportunity in the federal judicial process. By laying a solid foundation of documentary evidence from the commencement of a federal indictment our clients find that they are uniquely positioned to take advantage of every opportunity, privilege, or beneficial ruling that is due to them. Including, but not limited to – downward departures, modifications, cooperation agreements / positive trial outcomes and bureau of prison programs.

We have been successful at reducing the sentence served by many of our clients. We assist counsel, informing the courts as to the benefits of placing our clients in less-dangerous environments and ultimately minimize the amount of time spent in prison by taking advantage of frequently under-utilized departure issues and Bureau of Prison programs that take months or years off a period of incarceration.

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