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From The Desk Of Patrick J. Boyce…

Chances are if you are reading this – unfortunately, you find yourself in the same devastating predicament that I found myself years ago. Suddenly thrust into a world I knew very little about – scared, angry, confused and overwhelmed by questions about the unknown – I immediately realized that I was ill equipped for the challenges that lied ahead.

Fortunately, I had the means to hire one of the best law firms available and while I received excellent representation throughout the legal process, there always seemed to be non-legal questions and concerns that my attorneys could not thoroughly address. As the criminal process progressed, I realized that I had more questions than even the most rigorously qualified attorney could answer – questions that only someone who had been in my shoes could.

I began independently researching these topics but found the magnitude of data and misinformation that was readily available not very useful or even practical in application to my individual case and circumstances. Eventually, I found an individual who was uniquely qualified to address these concerns – a federal prison consultant. My attorneys never before utilized such services and were naturally skeptical at first – but, quickly realized the value that was added to our defense efforts.

While my lawyers worked on the legal aspects of the case – my family and I prepared for the fight of our lives. Our consultant was by our side every step of the way, addressing our concerns, answering our questions and preparing us for what to expect next. The extent of his knowledge and ability to make a difference even exceeded my expectations and eventually contributed to a significant sentence reduction.

This consultant has since retired – but, I will never forget the knowledge that he imparted upon me. I found his services so invaluable that I decided to continue his work and have since dedicated my life to help those, like me, who find themselves the focus of a federal criminal prosecution.

I want my prospective clients to make an informed and educated decision – so, I invite you to continue your due-diligence of our services by reading the rest of our company’s website and/or feel free to contact me directly anytime. I would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have personally.

I look forward to helping you overcome this difficult journey.

Patrick J. Boyce
Federal Mitigation Specialist

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